Relazioni pericolose: i rapporti diplomatici tra gli Ostrogoti e i Franchi durante la Guerra Gotica

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Marco Cristini


The relations with the Franks were an important part of Ostrogothic foreign policy throughout the Gothic War. Theodahad tried immediately to secure their neutrality and Vitiges signed a treaty with them. In 538, Theudebert sent a Burgundian army to Italy, ostensibly consisting of ‘volunteers’, and the following year he came to Italy himself. Under Totila, the Franks were able to occupy part of Northern Italy and adhered to a policy of neutrality, yet they took advantage of his death in order to further extend their influence. Theia again asked the Franks for help and a group of warriors led by two Alamannic dukes was sent to Italy. The relations between Ostrogoths and Franks show the importance of the observance of treaties, as well as the frequent recourse to alleged ‘volunteers’ in order to fight against an ally without formally breaking a treaty.

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