Errata Corrige. Decomposition of CR-manifolds and splitting of CR-maps

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Atsushi Hayashimoto
Sung-Yeon Kim
Dmitri Zaitsev


We show the uniqueness of local and global decompositions of abstract CR-manifolds into direct products of irreducible factors, and a splitting property for their CR-diffeomorphisms into direct products with respect to these decompositions. The assumptions on the manifolds are finite non-degeneracy and finite-type on a dense subset. In the real-analytic case, these are the standard assumptions that appear in many other questions. In the smooth case, the assumptions cannot be weakened by replacing “dense” with “open” as is demonstrated by an example. An application to the cancellation problem is also given. The proof is based on the development of methods of [BER99b], [BRZ00], [KZ01] and the use of “approximate infinitesimal automorphisms” introduced in this paper.

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